The Book of Daniel

Daniel is a book of instruction for living life as God desires. It is a book of incredible revelation. We will admire Daniel’s intelligence and unique spiritual gifts. Through Daniel’s eyes, we will get a glimpse into the throne room of heaven, a glimpse rarely seen elsewhere in Scripture. We will learn of the very real battles ongoing in the spirit world. And by the visions of Daniel, we will look through the corridor of time as God’s plan for the ages unfolds in future world events. Daniel’s message, in both the practical applications of his life and in his amazing visions, is that God is sovereign. He is the One who rules supreme. Despite man’s attempts to thwart His rule, He can be trusted. His purposes will be accomplished. Come and sit at the feet of Daniel. His life and his visions are instructive. He will show you how to be both heaven-minded and earthly-minded so that you may live with purpose now and inherit eternal glory later.

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