Return of the Lord

In this study, we will learn that the Lord Jesus Christ places a lot of emphasis on how we should live during the time leading up to his return. We should not be surprised but instead, endure and persevere through the trials and testing that will come our way. Our hearts should be set on fire for Him so that we burn with passion for pursuing holiness and taking the gospel out to the world. Let us do a Bible study together on this critical topic so that we can learn more about what God has planned for us and how we can be prepared for what is coming.

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 Each lesson has a video and audio you can watch or download.  The lesson study guide pdfs are available for download and/or print so you can follow along with the video or audio lessons or use them as a reference later. The guide includes key points from the lesson, discussion questions, and practice exercises. By working through the guide, you will deepen your understanding of the material and be better prepared to apply it in your own life. Whether you are just getting started on your personal development journey or are looking for ways to take your spiritual growth to the next level, this study will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. You can study at your own pace and review the material as often as needed.