Passion of the Christ

In The Passion of the Christ we will carefully consider the dynamics behind the last several days of the life of Christ. We will examine the adversarial relationship between Jesus and the religious establishment. We will explore the volatile situation between the Roman government and the oppressed people of Judea. We will focus on the private moments of deep sharing, suffering, betrayal and restoration Jesus spent with His disciples. We will closely inspect the charges against Christ by both the Jewish leaders and by the Roman authorities. Primarily we will take time to meditate on the very centerpiece of Christianity, the cross of Jesus Christ, and to explore the pivotal importance of the resurrection, the very guarantee that because He lives, we shall live also.

The events of the week that changed history were so monumental they are still impacting lives today. As we take the time to examine the dynamics of that week, we too will be changed. Our lives will be transformed. I promise you that celebrating Easter will never be the same.

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