Introducing New Series:
Speak Holy Spirit

We're excited to announce a transformative new series titled "Speak Holy Spirit." In this spiritually enriching journey, we'll dive deep into the power and presence of the Holy Spirit through various engaging and insightful formats.
What to Expect in "Speak Holy Spirit"

Lectio Divinas: Experience the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, where we will meditate on scripture to listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom.

Videos: Watch inspiring video content designed to bring the teachings and movements of the Holy Spirit to life. These videos will feature thought-provoking discussions, personal testimonies, and practical applications.

Scripture Meditations: Immerse yourself in guided meditations focused on key biblical passages that reveal the workings of the Holy Spirit. These meditations are crafted to deepen your understanding and relationship with the Spirit.

Written Devotionals: Receive daily or weekly written devotionals that explore different aspects of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. Each devotional is thoughtfully written to encourage and inspire.
Reflections: Engage with personal reflections from various contributors who share their experiences and insights about the Holy Spirit’s transformative power. These reflections aim to resonate with your spiritual journey and provide practical takeaways.

And More: Stay tuned for additional resources and activities to help you connect more deeply with the Holy Spirit, including prayer guides, community discussions, and interactive sessions.

Join us in this sacred exploration as we open our hearts and minds to the whispers and wonders of the Holy Spirit. Whether you want to strengthen your faith, seek guidance, or grow closer to God, "Speak Holy Spirit" promises a profound and uplifting experience.

Let the Journey Begin!

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Together, let’s listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit and allow it to transform our lives in powerful and unexpected ways.
You will receive an email containing all the weekly series resources, which you can access anytime.